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At Back Garden Wildlife we are committed to the enhancement of the natural environment. Most of us only have a small patch of ground or even a small terraced garden to work with. However together we can make a significant contribution to nature conservation. At Back Garden Wildlife we want to help you to realise the full potential of your open space for wildlife.

We achieve our goals by providing you with the tools and the knowledge you need to deliver wildlife conservation at home. We encourage you to promote habitat creation in your garden thereby providing a refuge for wild animals and plants.

Through our website and social media we will try to answer your queries and find solutions for any problems you encounter in the garden. We will help you to make a significant contribution to wildlife conservation by providing quality information and quality products for your garden.

Our commitment is to help you to help wildlife. In doing this we will provide you with the knowledge and the understanding required to manage your garden sympathetically for nature.


The back garden wildlife shop contains quality products to help you improve your garden for wildlife.

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