What is Back Garden Wildlife Anyway?

So what is back garden wildlife? Many people have a tendency to see wildlife in a context of good and bad. Wasps are bad, bees are good; slugs are bad, butterflies are good; crows are bad, great tits are good. In reality there is no good or bad in nature. All nature is good and all organisms are important in the maintenance of the web of nature. When I look out of my kitchen window I am very fortunate to be able to see rabbits, grey squirrels, butterflies, birds, birch trees and bats. I have a garden pond full of pondweed and duck weed and in summer a beautiful water lily smiles back at me with big white petals. I even have frogs and tadpoles in the spring and summer.

Of course the hostas are a great attraction for the slugs and they wouldn’t win first prize in the flower show with the leaves full of holes but who cares. Nothing gives me more pleasure than slipping down the garden after a day in the office to sit by the pond and watch the antics of the insects and the tadpoles living out their lives in the security and tranquillity of my self-made nature reserve.

It is not my job to micromanage their lives. I am not the judge of good or bad and all creatures have a place in nature. Our perception of nature colours our appreciation of all things natural. At back garden wildlife we make no evaluation of species. There is room for everything in my nature reserve and any wildlife that takes refuge in my patch is safe.


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