Bring Biodiversity to Your Garden


Biodiversity includes not only species we consider rare, threatened, or endangered but also every living thing—from humans to organisms we know little about, such as microbes, fungi, and invertebrates.

With the ever increasing demands on the environment both nationally and internationally, it is not surprising that more and more animals and plants are taking refuge in our gardens. Managing our back gardens for wildlife has thus become an important pursuit all across the country in urban and rural gardens. At back garden wildlife we aim to promote our message ‘conservation begins at home’. We want to help you help wildlife by providing quality information and promoting quality products which will enable you to enhance your garden as a quality habitat for nature.

For many of us, on a trip to the local garden centre, we gravitate towards the array of bird feeders, nest boxes and peanuts only to find no information to help us decide what to buy. Suet blocks, wild bird seeds, dried meal worms, etc., all lined up together with little indication of the real value to wildlife apart from a photograph of a robin or a hedgehog or a chaffinch.

Back garden wildlife is here to help, to arm you with the information you need to fully appreciate how your back garden can contribute to conservation, to suggest ways to enable you to maximise your outdoor spaces for the benefit of nature. With our help you can develop a garden space that will be attractive to you and to the wild animals and plants in your area.

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